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I suspect few peple got to see this, because the Thought Police were damned good at deleting the original and the copy that was slapped across all the fora. Both Nialler (the OP author) and Mizled have been banned, of course.
I think it’s time to see how The Other Michael treats his fellow admins.

This PM from ToM shows his working practices and shows how he views his position in the IIDB hierarchy. I have no doubt whatever that he continues to maintain the same attitude, changes in titles notwithstanding.

It was sent around the time of the ELGS banning, and relates to his other unilateral decision: the firing of Spherical Time (ST). I cannot, of course, divulge the source. I'll let his words speak for themselves.

Here goes:

Originally Posted by ToM
Hey folks. You've got to help me here.

I have NEVER gotten off on such a wrong foot with a new Admin as I'm doing with ST. He's been a great Mod, he's obviously a hardworking self-starter etc and can probably be a fine Administrator.

But he's got to do a better job of working with me if he's going to stay an Admin. He's already managed to get crosswise with me twice. I'm trying to be patient with him but my patience is feeling rather put upon at the moment.

I've never had anyone come in to the ACR as an Admin that had me feeling like I really made a big mistake in going along with the consensus the way I'm feeling over ST.

There's only room for one prima donna in this ballet troupe, and that's gonna be me in that spot.

So if any of you think you have a rapport with him and can explain things to him please do so. He needs to come to grips with the idea that he doesn't get the choice to be an Admin and not deal with me. And that dealing is going to be on my terms and not his.

He needs to shape up pretty quickly. I've had to encourage several Admins to retire gracefully when it became obvious that they'd burned out and were becoming no-shows in the ACR/MCR. I'd really prefer to not have to basically fire someone, especially with less than a week under their belt and even more especially when I think that if I can avoid throttling him he'll probably be a useful addition to the ACR.

But if he keeps on as he has so far he's going to have a short tenure.

Or if any of you are having second thoughts you should let me know that. You've all got to work with him too, and if you foresee any problems with that we should deal with it before things get (even) uglier.

I'm hoping that one or more of you can take him aside and talk some sense into him. It isn't too late for him to start over. Yet. Quite.

(Emphasis mine)

This is the person who has the support of the BoD.

The BoD are giving their full support and backing to a megalomaniacal ego-tripping narcissistic oaf.

You can see now how he operates and how he sees himself: as someone who is at the top of the pile and someone who is not averse to abusing the authority that he grabbed for himself.

I have no doubts whatever that he is running IDB by dictat as we speak. Or trying to.

I am posting this to show the type of man he is and how he views power so that anyone who takes on the job of administrating or moderating this place can see clearly the type of person he is - one who forcefully claims to be the primus inter pares - and so they can see clearly the type of person who will be working “with” them. Don’t have any doubt that he will operate the way all bullies in a senior role do: he’ll start with requests, then move through cajoling, urging, ordering, forcing and then firing. We have already seen how much of a control-freak he is with moderators. Here we see his attitude to fellow-admins. It is no different. He clearly holds his fellow-staff in contempt. That hardly bodes well for his attitude to users.

Since this is likely to be my last post here, a personal note. My second resignation as a moderator was done quietly and without stating the reason. Clearly, I resigned because of The Other Michael. I had considered that I could work as a mod so long as he didn’t interfere. Instead, my skin crawled when he first poked his nose into a thread I was involved in.

More than that, the atmosphere changed entirely in the MCR. It was almost a physical thing. I decided then that I couldn’t work with him. For his sake, and because I was the one with the issue, I kept my reasons quiet. No longer.

ToM is in the position of an alcoholic. Power in IIDB is his drug. Unfortunately, we have indulged his cravings, fed them, and even paid a considerable amount of money to ensure that he can continue to gorge himself at the bar.

It is obvious that he views working relationships as being run entirely on his terms and on no-one else’s terms. This is unhealthy, as it means that the only people who can successfully work with him are those who lack the strength to impose themselves. Thus we end up with a one-man leadership surrounded by a coterie of yes-men which gives the show an outward appearance of democracy.

With him in that position there are no checks to his powers.

With him in that position, IIDB is rotten from the core, not to the core.

He cannot be allowed to continue to use it to satisfy his own lust for power.

Finally, I’m aware that I’ll most likely be banned for divulging this. Fine. So be it. Since the decision about self-bannees was made I’ve been planning to merit a hard ban. It’s nice to do in a way that exposes more of the disgusting underbelly of IIDB.

My hope is that the cancer at its core can be successfully removed and that it can move on to bigger and better things, but I don’t really expect that to happen soon.

I've had great times at IIDB and I hope that this can contribute to forcefully resolving the problems which lie at its core.

This post will be cross-posted to R&R so that it remains on the record.
Also, I have circumstantial but pretty good evidence that the Thought Police are monitoring, and quite probably reading, the 'Private' Messages of known dissidents. See

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