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Zoints Tags in the Heathen Hangout: how and why to use tags

Tags are keywords or catchphrases that describe the type of content of a post (or any other simlar document). When you look at a page like the Heathen Hangout Tags page, you will see a large group of tags (this is often called a tag cloud or "main cloud"). These are the most widely-used tags, since only a limited number are shown; to find if any other word or phrase has been used as a tag, use the "Search" feature on that page (you can also search tags from within the dropdown menu under the "Search" link in the navigational bar at the top of every HH page, if you are a member of the HH and you are logged in). The more a particular word or phrase is used, the bigger it will appear (the font size used reflects how much the tag has been applied). The tags represent a new way of catagorizing and finding articles (posts etc.) that is completely separate from the usual search index system.

Tags are an extremely good way to categorise posts, threads and other such pages in ways not covered by the normal seach indexing. Tags are keywords or phrases that are given separately to each document (such as a thread, a forum, a post or a blog entry), that is, they are not words or phrases selected from the actual text of the document (in the way normal search indexing works), but instead are keywords or phrases with which the document is additionally marked.

This has a great deal of advantages, most especially that the tags given do not actually need to be words or phrases found in the original text of the document, unlike as with normal search indexing. To make tags effective, make as many tags as are practicable and warrented for each document as possible, ranging from tags comprising very general definitions to tags comprising extremely specific definitions. For example, an entry on cooking with a recipe using chilis could and should be marked with the tags: "cooking", "food", "chili", "chilis", "recipe","recipes"; thus the tags range from the very general to the helpful very specific.

Here is an extremely good article describing the whole nature of the tagging system, and why it is such a good idea to use tags, the more the better. Please note that the Zoints tags are not the only tags to be used in the Heathen Hangout; the Zoints system only tags posts at the moment, so other documents such as blog entries will be tagged using different systems. Zoints tags are special in that when a new thread is created with an opening post, the tags entered with the opening post will be automatically sent (with a link back to the original post) to Zoints Central, Zoints being a central directory of different boards. Also please note that only some subforums of the Heathen Hangout are tagged in this way, all of those subforums being in the public area of the Heathen Hangout, so only posts made in those particular public forums will be tagged.

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