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The Rules Of The Heathen Hangout
      1) Within the Heathen Hangout, there is generally no hostile editing of posts, so members have as much freedom as possible to say what they like. Exceptional circumstances might cause hostile editing, such as when dealing with illegal images or files, files containing viruses, or inappropriate revealment of others' personal information.
There is also no locking of normal threads except under really exceptional circumstances. Violating HH forum rules and admittance criteria will mean the risk of banning. Posts may possibly be moved or threads split to better suit the nature of each sub-forum and as circumstances dictate.
      2) Non-theism as per the admittance criteria. This means the absence of belief in an interventionist, personal and generally monotheist god, though certain extremist forms of Hinduism or other similar may be covered by that too. This means that in general pantheism, panentheism, fideism, and non-hostile Wicannism are generally no bar to admission to the HH. Most of our members are atheists, but by no means all. Please contact the HH admin via email  or by using the HH Contact Form if you have any further questions on this.
      3) No preaching:
(no repetitive, obsessional preaching of anything at all, and yes, this includes atheist subjects as well; discussion is good, presenting one's point of view is vital and necessary, but repetitive, obsessional preaching is not cool from anyone at all, atheist or otherwise).
      4) No spammers or spamming.
      5) No advocation of bigotries, no advocation of racism from any angle whatsoever aimed at any group whatsoever, no trolling, and no repetitive, inappropriate personal baiting.
      6) No advocation of the grosser and worse illegalities; for example, advocation of pedophilia is grounds for instant banning.
      7) No revealing outside the HH of personal information gained inside the HH without express permission beforehand. No inappropriate revealing of others' personal information, whomever they may be.
      8) Use the HH as it is intended, as a primarily social club but one that also provides a place for intellectually stimulating discussions and secular activism; for example, no usage of the HH solely for advancing purposes unconnected to the HH and its reasons for existence.
      9) No Only-Lurking membership in the Private areas; members are asked to introduce themselves a little, and members who have not posted anything at all for around a month or more are in danger of losing their access to the Private areas. If this happens or has happened in your case, and you wish to regain your access to the Private areas, simply contact the HH admin. This rule does not affect the Public area, i.e. lurking-only membership is allowed in the Public area.
      10) No sockpuppeting without the express private permission of the HH admin.
If you are known to other HH members by a certain username outside the HH, then when you join the HH either use the same username or make it immediately clear who you are; malicious breaches of this are grounds for banning.
If you feel the need for a sockpuppet inside the HH, for example where you hold a responsible position outside the HH and you wish to avoid conflicts of interest, please ask the HH admin privately in advance for permission. If approved, the information about your sockpuppet will be kept strictly private between you and the HH admin only.
      11) No other activities that damage or endanger the Heathen Hangout website and board and its members, such as posting illegal messages or computer viruses etc.
      12) That these rules are broad and at times unclear is granted; but time will not be wasted in attempting to try delineating every tiny possible instance. The rules are interpreted so to allow as much latitude as possible, but the rules will be enforced by banning if they are greviously violated. The HH admin remains sole final interpreter and decision-maker on the rules and their enforcement.
In case of any questions, please feel very welcome to contact us.

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