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All About The Heathen Hangout
The Heathen Hangout is a community for non-theists, which offers a positive social setting as well as support where possible, and an intellectually stimulating atmosphere without being snobbish. It has a set of forums, including both private and public forums, a gallery, a chatroom, and several other facilities for members, such as our Writers' Lodge subforums where members can share their writings for others' comments.

Our mission statement

The Heathen Hangout exists to provide:

      a place to have fun and fellowship.
      a safe haven for non-theists, one without interruption from preaching or flames from theists or any anti-humanists at all.
      a genuinely humanist, ethically-based community alternative to the usual debate sites dominated by extremists and flames.
      an area in which people can learn in a nice atmosphere, and a supportive base from which people can both exercise a secular humanist influence on the society around them, and also exercise a sensible moderate humanism, in place of the overwrought extremism that so often dominates atheist sites, for example.

It is neither demanded nor expected of the members of the HH that they should share all these goals, however a condition of membership is not violating the rules of the HH; the rules can be read in full through this link.

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